September 13, 2023

Bronx Ranked in US Top 10 for Rental Demand

The August Rental Activity Reports from RentCafe show a shift in renter preferences, with The Bronx rising three spots to #6, Queens jumping six spots to #13, and Manhattan climbing one spot to #37. This is due to decreases in listings and increases in page views, favorited apartments, and specific searches. These trends demonstrate changing housing dynamics and evolving urban landscapes. Continue...

Should You Sell Your House Or Rent It Out?

     If you're a homeowner needing to move, you may have considered using your current home as a short-term rental or Air BnB property rather than selling it. A short-term rental (STR) is often offered as an alternative to a hotel, and it's become a popular investment in recent years. While a short-term rental may seem appealing, the reality of being responsible for one may be tough to...

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