June 2023

The Benefits of Pre-Sale Home Updates and Top 4 Projects with the Best ROI

Hello there! It's well-known that making just a few updates and improvements to your home can drastically enhance its value, potentially helping it sell faster and at a better price. Not all updates are created equal, though, so we did some homework for you and compiled our top five home improvement projects with the greatest ROI - some may surprise you! Here's a quick video explaining why you should go...

Should You Get A Home Inspection Before Selling?

Should I Have An Inspection Done On My House Before I Sell It? In the complicated process of selling a home, many things come into play that can have a big effect on how well the sale goes and how much money the seller makes. A pre-sale home check is one of these factors that sellers often forget or don't give enough thought to. As the name suggests, a pre-sale home inspection is a thorough look at the...

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