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Do You Have Questions About The Housing Market? We’re Here To Help!

Are you confused by all the headlines on the real estate market?     If you're considering buying or selling a home, you're undoubtedly curious about what's going on with home prices, mortgage rates, housing availability, and other factors. Given how sensationalized today's headlines are, this is no simple assignment. According to Jay Thompson, a Real Estate Industry Consultant: Housing...

What’s In Store For The 2023 Real Estate Market?

Everyone wants to know what is in store for the 2023 Residential Real Estate Market. While we can't see into the future (wish we could, we'd make some Super Bowl bets!), we can look at the Data and what is happening with the economy in general to get a good idea. We think there will be two driving forces behind the 2023 real estate market. Curious about what we see on the horizon? Then check out this video...

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